Congolese Coffee Stories: Mighty Peace

Congolese coffee might not have the most recognizable profile in the industry, but farmers across the country are changing that.

The Congo has long suffered from mineral conflicts that have torn the country apart. That is why Pure Origin works alongside Mighty Peace Coffee, a movement which seeks to end the conflict. A portion of every sale of our Congolese coffee goes towards funding education, as well as providing clothing, paying debts, and improving the living conditions of its people. Our organic, Fair-Trade certified dark roast with citrus notes has already begun to make real-world differences in the Congo, thanks to purchase from people like you.

Mighty Peace Coffee

With the tide of brutality beginning to turn, the people of the Congo can finally begin investing in their farms and coffee production. Mighty Peace and Pure Origin have started stimulating the industry economically and raising the living conditions of its hardworking farmers. This will help end the cycle of poverty, conflict, and injustice that has plagued the country for generations. As a result, the country’s people are beginning to recover, as is the now-booming coffee industry. With coffee being sold at premium prices, things are starting to look up for the Congo!

Since its foundation in 2018, Mighty Peace has made major strides for equality and environmentalism. As the Congo shifts towards ethical and sustainable business practices, the coffee industry has come alive! Land that was lost to the mineral conflict has begun to flourish with coffee trees and a bustling trade. Similarly, farmers have been able to capitalize on this trend to improve their own lives. Finally, they are able to fight their way out of poverty and create a product that is increasingly sought-after throughout the world!


On the coffee farms of the Congo, farmers stress the importance of “umoja.”

“Umoja means that we are all together as one,” said a farmer identified only as Mr. Shukuru.

Another worker, Furaha, also noted the unifying power of umoja.

“It means unity,” Furaha said. “We are all one, and our coffee is, too. For example, umoja is when farmers from each area, like Kutumba, Bweremana, and Nyamasasa, wash and sort our coffee together.”

It is this mentality that has allowed the farmers to combat the brutality associated with the mineral conflict. With their basic needs met and the end of violence in sight, this unity has allowed the farmers to take control of their land and their future.

Giving Thanks

While the country has made massive improvements, further funding is required to ensure the Congo continues along a conflict-free path.

Mr. Shukuru, in particular, stressed the importance of purchasing Congolese coffee, and the gratitude he feels towards customers.

“When they buy our coffee, they improve our living conditions, and that also changes our working conditions,” he said. “I am happy and grateful for the customers because they buy our coffee. My joy is based on the customer base, because this customer base helps me when they buy coffee at a better price than before.”

On the other hand, another farmer, Lukuye, noted the superior flavor that comes from their coffee beans.

“Coffee from the Congo is better than coffee from other places, because in the Congo, we use natural organic fertilizer,” he said. “We use several methods to bring out the best flavors of our coffee.”

For one thing, farmers are planting new trees in the fields to provide shade that improves the coffee’s growth. Similarly, mountain cultivation lends a special flavor to the beans that cannot be replicated in valleys.

Victorina, another farmer, said her life has changed immensely in recent years, thanks to peace-keeping efforts, Fair-Trade coffee prices, and farmer collaboration.

“In the past, we used to pound coffee by ourselves, and that was tough and tiring,” she said. “We had to travel to Rwanda in search of clients. Nowadays, we have clients who come to us. That is how the cooperative has helped us.”

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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