How to experience augmented reality (AR)

Pure Origin has launched an augmented reality (AR) campaign to share the stories of our growers, and we’re here to help you use this new tech. Our revolutionary new packaging allows us to share video testimonials from our partners. They can tell you about their lives and working conditions so you can better understand the difference you make with every purchase of Pure Origin coffee!

We’re here to help you understand this new technology and truly engage with coffee farmers from across the world. It’s as simple as opening your smartphone camera and pointing at a code! However, if you’re confused, feel free to read our guide below to learn how to best experience AR.

Augmented Reality on Phones

While you may need a headset to experience VR, you can view the majority of AR material from your phone. Developers work hard to make their content available through the average smartphone camera, either through the use of an app or a browser. Engaging with this content is often as easy as scanning a QR code with your camera. From there, a pop-up should help direct you to the appropriate webpage or app. After that, you’ll be able to follow built-in instructions in order to experience the immersive AR tech.

Using augmented reality may be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited! The possibilities of AR are endless and include everything from online shopping to real-world gaming, and much in between! Once you understand how to use augmented reality, you’re free to use the innovative tech in ways that can expand and enhance your daily life. Our usage of AR, for example, allows typically silenced groups of growers to speak out and talk to you from across the globe. We’ve only scratched the surface of the applications of AR, and we’re not slowing down now!

Pure Origin

Sure, the tech is cool, but you may still be wondering why you should choose Pure Origin. For one thing, we’re proud to be Fair Trade and to provide equitable wage for all of our growers. Additionally, every purchase of Pure Origin coffee supports a unique charity in the coffee’s country of origin. These causes are diverse in subject, but they’re all important. For instance, consider our work in Kenya, where we partner with Grounds for Health. That group helps treat and prevent cervical cancer in woman who are usually denied this kind of health care. Conversely, in the Congo, we work alongside Mighty Peace Coffee as they attempt to support thousands of people caught up in the mineral conflict. As the country rebounds from this violence, they are proud to turn to agriculture, bringing us delicious Congolese coffee beans.

As you can see, Pure Origin is all about giving back to the planet and its people. But we can’t do it without your help, so choose your favorite blend or your cause of choice and start helping us make a difference across the world today!

For more information on our augmented reality, Click Here.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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How to watch augmented reality stories on Pure Origin bags

Pure Origin is sweeping the country with delicious, sustainable, single-origin coffee that empowers growers at every turn. We’re proud of the work we’re doing, worldwide, and we look forward to continue making a difference, with your help. Now, we’re proud to be able to share augmented reality stories directly from our growers! This allows them to speak to you from the bag and tell you about their lives and their work growing our coffee. However, if you aren’t used to this new and emerging technology, this process could be confusing, so read our guide below for instructions!

How to access our augmented reality stories

First, simply open your phone camera and tap the code on the screen. This will allow your phone to focus on the QR code and receive the information encoded there. Next, click the notification that reads “Open in Safari” or an alternate browser of your choice. Wait for the experience to load on your device, then click “press here to begin.” After that, click the “allow” button to enable access to your camera viewer. Finally, flip the bag over and position the person’s face inside the outlined white rectangle. The person will spring into life and tell you more about their lives and experiences growing the best Pure Origin coffee!

However, please note that some Android smartphones require a downloaded QR code scanning app.

Pure Origin

Who will you hear from first? Pure Origin offers a huge variety of stories. For example, you can hear from the General Manager of Todos Al Agua in Peru, or the Director of Operations at Grounds for Health in Kenya. Conversely, you can listen to the Green Coffee Manager from family farms in Honduras, or even the Managing Partner of Mighty Peace Coffee in the Congo. No matter what you choose, you’ll hear real-life stories from the real people who grow our coffee. Above all, you’ll be supporting positive advances in the lives of our growers with every purchase.

So, who will speak to you?

For more information on our augmented reality, Click Here.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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Why is Pure Origin using augmented reality (AR)?

Pure Origin is currently launching a new phase in our marketing, and we’re excited to share it with you! Through the use of augmented reality (AR), we’re able to tell you more about the lives of our growers than ever before. With this new, innovative technology, the growers leap off the bag to share their stories with you. But why is Pure Origin using augmented reality, you may still ask. Well, let us tell you about the benefits of this fresh approach to marketing!

Augmented Reality with Pure Origin

Firstly, our primary interest in AR is its ability to help us better share grower stories across the world. The more you know about the living and working conditions of our growers, the better. At Pure Origin, we pride ourselves on our ethical practices and equitable wages, as well as the charities we support. We’re excited with the work we’ve done so far, but don’t take it from us! Instead, hear it from the growers, themselves. We want to continue empowering our partners, and giving them a voice to tell their stories is a step in the right direction.

Secondly, we believe that a better-informed customer is a happier customer. We want to give you as much information as possible about the ways we do business and the lives of our growers. We want to become your go-to single-origin, sustainable coffee provider, and that begins with giving you information. At Pure Origin, we are confident that learning more about these growers will help you to make this difficult choice in the saturated coffee industry. With our new packaging, we aim to better serve you with stories straight from the growers, themselves. That way, you can remain confident that your purchases are making a real difference in the world.

Why Pure Origin?

At Pure Origin, we’re built different. We started our company from the ground up to give back to the earth and its people. That’s why every sale benefits an essential charity or cause in the coffee’s country of origin. For example, in Colombia, we work with Las Rosas, a group that empowers female growers in the traditionally male-dominated trade. On the other hand, in Indonesia, we partner with Reje Gayo, a group that helps train the next generation of coffee farmers with sustainable business and agricultural practices. Those are only two of our causes, but rest assured that every coffee gives back in important ways to the people who need it the most.

We’re excited to use our new AR packaging to better serve our growers and our customers for years to come. Try Pure Origin today and discover the difference we can make together!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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How is Pure Origin Coffee using augmented reality (AR)?

Pure Origin is proud to be an innovator in the field of single-origin, sustainable coffee that empowers growers and gives back to the planet at the same time. Now, we’re excited to show off our new augmented reality (AR) packaging, which makes it easier than ever for us to share grower stories with you! Using this cutting-edge technology, we’re able to help farmers from across the world tell you about their lives. But how does it work and how are we using this technology to help growers and serve our customers?

Pure Origin Augmented Reality

We’re excited to be able to let growers tell you about their lives, in their own words. Our AR packaging makes this very easy: simply point your camera at the code, click the link, and let the growers speak to you, directly. This serves two important functions. Firstly, we want to allow the growers to tell you about their lives and the differences your purchases make. With every sale, we can continue providing much-needed relief in the remote regions of the world. Your support makes this possible, and the growers are excited to share their thanks. Letting them speak for themselves empowers them to speak their truth and tell you about their lives. At Pure Origin, we’re all about empowering growers, and our AR marketing is just another way to help!

Furthermore, we’re excited to better serve our customers across the globe. The more information we can provide about our sustainable business model and ethical practices, the better. We want our customers to understand the difference they help us make across the globe. Every purchase has real, life-changing implications for growers in war-torn, impoverished countries. Pure Origin’s AR marketing allows us to share the stories that usually are never heard, and certainly not in the coffee aisle! That’s why this is more than a gimmick. This new packaging gives a voice to the often voiceless, and helps you to learn about the importance of continued support.

The Pure Origin Difference

At Pure Origin, we’re more than just a trendy cause. We work hard to make sure all of our business practices are sustainable and ethical so that we can give back to the planet and its people. Aside from our Fair Trade practices, we’re also happy to support several charities across the world. We work alongside an important cause or charity in six countries to provide aid to those who need it most. For example, in Peru, we work with Todos Al Agua, a group combatting water scarcity and pollution. On the other hand, in Honduras, we support small, independent farmers as they strive to make a name for themselves in the competitive coffee market.

Consider buying a bag of Pure Origin coffee today. Try out our new AR packaging and experience first-hand how your purchases can make a real difference for growers across the world.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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