How to watch augmented reality stories on Pure Origin bags

Pure Origin is sweeping the country with delicious, sustainable, single-origin coffee that empowers growers at every turn. We’re proud of the work we’re doing, worldwide, and we look forward to continue making a difference, with your help. Now, we’re proud to be able to share augmented reality stories directly from our growers! This allows them to speak to you from the bag and tell you about their lives and their work growing our coffee. However, if you aren’t used to this new and emerging technology, this process could be confusing, so read our guide below for instructions!

How to access our augmented reality stories

First, simply open your phone camera and tap the code on the screen. This will allow your phone to focus on the QR code and receive the information encoded there. Next, click the notification that reads “Open in Safari” or an alternate browser of your choice. Wait for the experience to load on your device, then click “press here to begin.” After that, click the “allow” button to enable access to your camera viewer. Finally, flip the bag over and position the person’s face inside the outlined white rectangle. The person will spring into life and tell you more about their lives and experiences growing the best Pure Origin coffee!

However, please note that some Android smartphones require a downloaded QR code scanning app.

Pure Origin

Who will you hear from first? Pure Origin offers a huge variety of stories. For example, you can hear from the General Manager of Todos Al Agua in Peru, or the Director of Operations at Grounds for Health in Kenya. Conversely, you can listen to the Green Coffee Manager from family farms in Honduras, or even the Managing Partner of Mighty Peace Coffee in the Congo. No matter what you choose, you’ll hear real-life stories from the real people who grow our coffee. Above all, you’ll be supporting positive advances in the lives of our growers with every purchase.

So, who will speak to you?

For more information on our augmented reality, Click Here.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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