What is the grower impact of Pure Origin coffee?

If you’ve tried a cup of our Pure Origin coffee, you’ve probably already begun to fall in love with our incredible roasts! As you enjoy your favorite hot drink, you may wonder what the grower impact could be. Rest assured, all of our coffee is sustainable impact and single-origin, and every bean is purchased for a premium price. But what does this all mean? Read on to discover the difference we make at Pure Origin!

Grower impact

Pure Origin is a leader in the up-and-coming industry of sustainable impact coffee. Sustainable impact coffee is coffee grown, harvested, and produced with respect for the environment and the growers. This means that we make sure our growers engage in sustainable agricultural practices and give back to the land. They maintain soil and water quality and tend to their crops in an eco-friendly way. More importantly, growers are paid premium prices for every bean so that we can continue to thrive together!

Additionally, Pure Origin coffees are all single origin coffees, meaning it is sourced from a few sets of farms within specific regions. This is unlike most giant brands that source from vast groups of countries and mix beans to create blends. This allows us to maintain a high-quality, consistent product for discerning coffee lovers. However, it also keeps us accountable to our farmers and the customers who care about their wellbeing. If you know exactly where your coffee comes from, you can be more assured of the conditions under which it was grown. With Pure Origin, you know exactly where every bean came from and can trace it back from bag to tree! As a result, you can do your own research and see how well we treat our growers across the world.

Finally, we make sure to compensate growers fairly for every bean. This is because the success we have as a company is directly tied to the success we make together. Growers receive premium prices so that they can invest in growing their farms and their communities. These higher sale prices allow them to attend workshops to learn and develop as farmers. And as they improve, so does our final product, making it mutually beneficial. With Pure Origin, you can rest easy, knowing the grower impact of every bag!

Why Pure Origin?

In addition to our sustainable business practices, Pure Origin is proud to support a variety of charitable causes with every sale! Depending on which roast and flavors you prefer, you could help end the economic conflict in the Congo, support small farmers in Honduras, or fund cervical cancer testing in remote regions of Kenya (among others). Every purchase benefits these causes in the coffee’s country of origin, so choose your favorite roast or whichever cause speaks to you most!

At Pure Origin, we think you should never have to choose between social activism and the coffee you love. Your purchases have power, and we hope you choose to join Pure Origin as we try to make a difference across the world!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re making the world a better place.
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