How does Pure Origin support peace empowerment?

Did you know that there are over 15,000 coffee farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo? These farmers have one thing in common – like many people in the Congo, they’ve suffered from the conflict, poverty, and injustice that was once a daily part of life. As they attempt to rebuild their lives and move forward, the coffee trade has been a beacon of hope, and Pure Origin is proud to help support them. We know that Africa isn’t the first place people think of when they talk about coffee. We want to change that with a delicious dark roast and an important cause – peace empowerment.

Mighty Peace Coffee

In the Congo, we work alongside Mighty Peace Coffee, a social impact importer that is ethical and sustainable. Since its foundation, the group has supported over 9,000 men and women in post-conflict zones. Much of the funding goes towards providing education for the growers – both in agriculture and financial literacy. It helps pays their debts, improve their living conditions, and gives them the tools they need to continue farming. Furthermore, Mighty Peace sets aside money for apprenticeship trades, conservation of protected forest areas, and keeping the peace in the formerly war-torn country. Additionally, we’re excited to report that over 1,500 people in the Congo will receive clean water and energy this year. With your help, we hope to boost that number in the near future.

Most of the coffee that they produce is certified organic and fair trade – and that makes a huge difference for the farmers. In the Umoja region, 11,600 farmers work daily to bring us the delicious Congolese coffee beans. In the Twende region, 2,093 do the same. Thanks to their tireless efforts and support from Mighty Peace, we’re able to enjoy an incredible dark roast that rivals anything coming out of South America or the Caribbean.

The importance of peace empowerment

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring peaceful, sustainable living conditions for our growers. That’s the whole reason we started Pure Origin. We donate a portion of every sale of our Congolese coffee directly to Mighty Peace. That way, you never have to choose between morals and a delicious brew.

So next time you have a craving for a dark roast, we hope you’ll consider drinking Pure Origin. With your support, we’ll have a huge impact on the lives of our growers in the Congo region.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world.
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