How to support coffee farmers

We are now in the third wave of coffee, and everyone’s favorite hot drink has taken the globe by storm! With an insane amount of choices and customers that are more and more socially conscious, many have begun to ask themselves whether their morning brew is as ethical as they could hope. With environmental worries and concerns about the payment of growers, it is difficult to know how your purchase can make a difference, bringing you the incredible coffee you crave while also contributing to a better way of life for others. Pure Origin is here to help guide you in your search for a responsible, high-quality cup of coffee that helps support coffee farmers!

How to support coffee farmers

The simplest way to support coffee farmers is, of course, to buy their coffee. However, if you want to be sure that farmers actually benefit from your purchase, there are a few other things you should keep in mind when in the supermarket or coffee house. These include sustainable-impact and single-origin coffee.

Buy sustainable-impact coffee

One term you should be aware of when shopping for coffee these days is sustainable impact. Sustainable-impact coffee is coffee that is grown and marketed with an eye on sustainability. This means both ecologically and with respect to the farmers who grow it. Companies source every cup with respect for the planet and the growers that work to enable our constant caffeine cravings. They educate the farmers themselves in proper growing techniques with regard to water, soil quality, and environmental responsibility so that the Earth can continue to thrive while we enjoy the beans it gives us. In exchange for the measures they take to keep our planet healthy, farmers on these farms are given higher wages. That way, they can continue to work and provide for themselves and their families, also bringing us the coffee we have grown to love.

All this is to say that sustainable-impact coffee is coffee that shouldn’t make you feel guilty when you drink it. Instead, you can be proud that the environment and the coffee growers are being looked after. Pure Origin is a leader in the sustainable-impact coffee industry, with proceeds going towards a wide range of charitable causes. These include empowering Columbian women farmers as they found their own farms, combatting contaminated water in coffee-producing regions of Peru, and ending mineral conflicts in war-torn regions of the Congo. At Pure Origin, when we source our coffee, we make sure to select only the best farms. After that, we make sure to train and compensate the farmers fairly. When you enjoy your next cup of Pure Origin coffee, rest easy knowing that it was sourced sustainability!

Buy single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffee is similar but separate from sustainable-impact coffee. Single-origin coffee is coffee sourced from a single area, generally from one grower or sets of growers. This is the opposite of large-scale, big-brand production of coffee. These bigger companies often source from a variety of locations and regions, mashing everything together into blends.

You may be asking yourself why the origin of your coffee should matter. For one thing, single-origin coffee customers can be assured of the exact location their coffee was grown. This means they can choose regions or farms which have the distinct characteristics and flavors they know and love. Similarly, customers can rest assured knowing that single-origin coffee companies operate on a much smaller scale than their big-name rivals. As a result, they often have a closer relationship with the growers, and can pay them more fairly.

Additionally, if the grower needs extra training or is fighting region-specific problems, the single-origin companies are often able to help. Pure Origin works closely with our growers to make sure they bring us quality coffee while also benefitting from their labor. With our six varieties supporting a range of causes, we are glad to be able to offer coffee that gives back to the world!

Buy Pure Origin coffee

Pure Origin coffee is both sustainable-impact and single-origin. This means we are proud of every cup of coffee we make, from our Fair-Trade-certified Congolese variety, a dark roast with citrus notes, to our Kenyan coffee, a light roast with wine notes, and everything in between! We grow every bean and process them with care into the coffee that customers love from coast to coast. Buy Pure Origin coffee and help support coffee farmers today! You should never have to choose between social responsibility and a delicious cup of coffee!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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