Top 6 Pure Origin Stories

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Every cup of Pure Origin Coffee makes real-world change and supports various causes throughout the world. Each one of our coffees is an ethical purchase, so feel free to select your next bag based on your favorite roast or whichever cause speaks to you most! Here are our top 6 Pure Origin stories so you can feel inspired by your impact the next time you make yourself a delicious cup of coffee!

Top 6 Pure Origin Stories

Pure Origin offers six coffees, all differing in flavor and roast, and each of these benefits a different cause in their respective regions: Congo, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and Colombia. The causes are wide-ranging, but every one makes a huge impact for people across the world. From environmental activism to healthcare, Pure Origin needs your help to make a difference in our partner countries. Read on to discover the top 6 stories from across the world!


Firstly, our Congolese coffee is an organic Fair-Trade certified dark roast with citrus notes, hailing from the South Kivu region. There, we work with Mighty Peace Coffee, a movement seeking to end mineral conflict throughout the country and the brutality that comes with it. A portion of every sale goes towards funding education for the Congolese people, providing clothing, paying debts, and improving the living conditions of its people.

It might not yet have the recognition it deserves, but the Congo has always had a rich tradition of speciality coffee. However, mineral conflicts have made it difficult for the Congolese people to focus on the coffee trade. As the country transitions away from the mineral conflict, the country has had more resources to devote to coffee cultivation. Similarly, the people of the Congo are slowly improving their quality of life, and the future today is brighter than it has been in decades. As the people thrive, so does the coffee industry! Many people previously caught up in the conflict have become farmers and now proudly contribute to the now-booming economy. Major strides have been made for equality and environmentalism, and every cup of Pure Origin coffee helps make a difference for people in the Congo.


On the other hand, our Honduran coffee is a medium roast with caramel notes from the Intibucá region. Sales help benefit various small family farms as they attempt to make a name for themselves in the competitive coffee industry. Proceeds from this coffee help farmers face carious threats throughout the region and strengthens the position of small growers.

90 percent of Honduran coffee farms are small, family-owned lots. As a result, they are very vulnerable when it comes to environmental fluctuations and financial instability. Larger growers can insure and protect themselves, but smaller growers cannot. Market trends affect these farms disproportionately and budgets are often razor-thin. A single poor growing season can result in disaster, so every sale counts. That is why we partner with these farms in Honduras to deliver the incredible taste you know and crave! Our partnered farms have been thriving in recent years, allowing them to be more sustainable. Farmers now pay close attention to soil quality and water conservation, improving the quality of life for the farm and the farmer! That way, you never have to choose between environmentalism and a great cup of coffee!


Another one of our top Pure Origin stories comes from Indonesia! Our Indonesian coffee is an organic Sumatran Fair-Trade certified dark roast with chocolate notes. In Indonesia, we work alongside Coop Reje Gayo, a group that provides education and training on coffee cultivation techniques. A portion of every sale helps fund this training and ensures that farmers can sell every bean for a premium price. This is beneficial for the farmer, but also allows them to be sustainable growers, both environmentally and economically.

Prior to the formation of the collective, these farmers struggled to obtain Fair Trade prices and provide for their families. Conditions were quite poor, but since the foundation of Reje Gayo,, the region has exploded with high-quality coffee! Farmers work in teams to prune, clear weeds, and fertilize plantations to ensure success for its members and their families. Financial stability is at an all-time-high, and every farmer receives a premium price for every bean sold. The farms have even made great strides environmentally! Farmers are trained in sustainable practices so that the coffee is grown, harvested, and processed with respect for the planet.


Conversely, our Kenyan coffee is a light roast with wine notes, coming from the Nyeri region of Kenya. We partner with Grounds for Health, which aims to reduce cervical cancer in remote regions within the coffee-producing country. Each cup sold goes towards reducing incidences of this horrible disease. This includes increasing access to screening and prevention, as well as education and training of local health care providers.

Since its foundation, the organization has treated 10,205 women across the world and screened 124,641, according to the project’s website. Our partnership helps provide preventative services to women in some of the country’s most remote regions. In these far-flung regions, women are usually unable to access healthcare, resulting in many deaths to diseases that are often treatable. Day-to-day, Grounds for Health provides health facilities with cryotherapy and treatment devices, as well as necessary supplies. The project also makes an effort to spread word about screening and treatment possibilities throughout the country in order to increase its impact. Many of the affected women are coffee growers throughout Kenya who otherwise would go without treatment entirely.


Our Peruvian coffee is a light roast with nutty notes that comes from the Amazonas region of Peru. Sales benefit Todos Al Agua, a group combatting contaminated water found throughout the district. Over the last 25 years, the region has struggled with poor water quality, which has resulted in sickness and water scarcity. Pure Origin funds ongoing workshops to share the results of conditions and combat climate change. This helps protect vital water resources in the Amazonas region.

These farmers worked together to form a collective to combat the contaminated water, share information, and organize workshops. These workshops helped improve their knowledge of the industry and of eco-friendly cultivation techniques. These days, the group makes sure to maintain sustainable practices on its farms. This includes environmental measures to ensure water and soil quality, as well as fair wage distribution. Similarly, farmers now have greater financial stability and independence, and can continue providing us with delicious coffee for years to come!


Finally, our Colombian coffee is a medium roast with fruity notes from the Huila region. In Colombia, we partner with Las Rosas, helping assist 300 women as they grow coffee and attend workshops to better themselves and their crops. Additionally, the project helps growers access necessary loans, provides equitable wages for their labor, and gives them technical training in their craft so they can lead their farms in the traditionally male-dominated coffee growing industry.

Since its foundation, Las Rosas has become a thriving group of farms. One farm began with 1,000 trees in 2010 and now hosts 3,000. These Colombian women have certainly mastered the growing and production of coffee, and the evidence is in the brew! Further funding will help pay for workshops that help the growers develop the agricultural practices and improve their own lives. These include how to recognize good seeds, how to establish a seed bed, and optimal harvesting times for the coffee cherry. The project even instructs the growers in money handling, helps them educate their children, assists them as they seek necessary loans, and provides other emergency services, as necessary.

Why Pure Origin?

Every cup of Pure Origin’s coffee is sustainable impact. This means that our farms tend to their crop in a way that respects the planet and its people. Every action taken on the farm is targeted to make the most of the land, but also take care of it.

All of our coffees are even single origin, which means that they come from a single geographical region. We source only from small growers or sets of small growers in a collective. This allows us to support the farmers that need it and helps us create a product that makes a difference. Every bean is sustainably produced and can be traced back from the bag to the tree. That way, you know exactly what you are getting and where it comes from! Try a cup of Pure Origin coffee and help us make a difference today!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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