Best ways to support coffee farmers

In the third wave of coffee, customers are putting higher value on the social responsibility of their favorite caffeine fix. They are increasingly aware of coffee brands which take advantage of their position of power by paying their growers poorly and depleting the environment. At Pure Origin, we believe you should never have to choose between your values and a delicious cup of coffee. That is why we produce all of our coffee sustainably and buy it from growers at premium prices. If you stress about your social responsibility and the environmental impact of your coffee, look no further than Pure Origin! We are proud to support coffee farmers, so read on to see how you can help!

Best ways to support coffee farmers

Buying coffee is obviously something that benefits farmers; however, not all coffee companies pay farmers equally. Big brands, in particular, pay less to farmers throughout their vast sourcing areas. In order to avoid making the “wrong” purchase, or one that benefits the company and not the grower, there are a few terms with which you should be familiar: sustainable-impact coffee and single-origin coffee. These two terms are what makes Pure Origin different from traditional coffee companies. Let us help walk you through these terms and why they matter for coffee fans across the world.

Sustainable-impact coffee

One word to keep an eye on in the future is sustainable-impact coffee. This means coffee grown and produced with an eye on sustainability, both for the farmers and the environment. Companies produce every cup in a way that supports the growers while also giving back to the earth. Sustainable-impact coffee brands often provide the farmers with education in proper techniques for cultivation, water conservation, and other ins and outs of the industry. As a result, farmers create a better cup of coffee and leave the land in better shape than before! In exchange for their hard labor, we pay them a premium for their beans. The cycle continues, with the farmer, the coffee brand, and the Earth itself benefitting from the increased commitment to sustainability.

No one should feel guilty about enjoying their morning cup of coffee! That is why Pure Origin is proud to be a leader in the field of sustainable-impact coffee! All of our growers and farmers receive premium prices for their hard work. Additionally, every variety of our coffee benefits a unique and important cause throughout the coffee-producing regions of the world. A portion of every sale goes towards one of these various causes. These include, among others, providing education and training to farmers in Indonesia, funding cervical cancer screening and treatment in remote regions of Kenya, and supporting small farmers as they attempt to make a name for themselves in the competitive coffee industry. When we source our coffee, we work hard to make sure it is created with sustainability, compassion, and equality!

Buy single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffee is coffee sourced from a single area, generally from one or more growers in a cooperative arrangement. This is opposed to larger-scale coffee operations, which source from vast areas of countries, mashing their beans into blends to disguise the fact that the beans could come from a dozen or more separate farms, with their conflicting flavors. With single-origin coffee companies, you can rest assured that you know the exact place your coffee comes from. Similarly, you can be sure of the conditions by which the beans were grown, harvested, and produced. This has benefits for consistency of flavor and for social accountability for the coffee company. Simply put, if you know exactly where your coffee comes from, you have more control .

Additionally, single-origin coffee companies generally operate on a smaller scale than larger brands. As such, they usually have a closer relationship with the growers. That means that the company is in a much better place to provide regional-specific assistance. In Peru, for example, Pure Origin partners with Todos Al Agua, a group fighting contaminated water in the region. In Colombia, we work with the Las Rosas Women’s Group as they empower women who want to start their own farms in the typically male-dominated coffee industry. With Pure Origin’s six coffee varieties supporting a range of causes, we are glad to be able to offer coffee that gives back to the world while we enjoy our favorite tasty brew!

Buy Pure Origin

Pure Origin is proudly both sustainable-impact and single-origin! This means we create every cup from a position of social and environmental responsibility. We take our commitment to the growers, our customers, and the Earth very seriously. Pure Origin grows, harvests, and processes every bean with care into the coffee that customers love from coast to coast! We make sure to support coffee farmers with a fair wage, ensuring delicious coffee for years to come! Buy Pure Origin coffee today and rest easy! Your purchase will make a difference for the planet and for people all over the world!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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