Where to support coffee farmers

At Pure Origin, we care about our farmers and growers, and we do our best to support them. Too many companies take advantage of their position of power and shortchange their farmers. We structured our entire brand around sustainability, both for the environment and for the farmers who work so hard to bring us delicious cups of coffee. If you are wondering where to support coffee farmers, read on to learn how your caffeine habit can create positive change throughout the world!

Where to support coffee farmers

Simply put, at this stage, the best place to help is the internet. Unless you have the time or money to fly to Peru, Honduras, or Indonesia, your best option is to try and help online. Supporting coffee farmers is as easy, then, as ordering coffee produced by them. However, not all coffee companies are created equal when it comes to compensation. It is important to do some research to find a coffee company that pays their farmers fairly.

Many people think that their purchase can’t make a difference, but this isn’t true at all! For small farmers, every purchase is incredibly important, as the farms often on very tight budgets. The farmer and his or her family are generally the laborers, and many farms can’t afford additional staff. Similarly, many small farms don’t have the money for eco-friendly, agricultural training. That means these farms aren’t always operating as efficiently and environmentally soundly as they could with additional training. This is particularly true for new operations as they seek to make a name for themselves in the competitive industry. Each purchase can bring increased financial security, allowing the farmer to branch out and pursue improvements to his or her farm.

Why Pure Origin?

We realize that it is difficult to research the specific conditions of each farm by yourself. Coffee farms are far away, and you can’t always trust companies to have farmers’ best interests at heart. That why Pure Origin started with one mission: to give back to farmers and the environment at the same time. We didn’t accept that we had to choose between social activism and a delicious cup of coffee. That’s why all of our farms are sustainable impacting a single origin. We make a strong commitment to training and supporting our farmers and to healing the environment. Additionally, all of our coffee comes from one farm or sets of farms, eliminating vague “blends.” With Pure Origin, we keep ourselves accountable, and what you see is what you get.

Each of our six coffees also have another way of giving back! Every cup supports a unique charitable cause in the country of origin, so you can choose not only your roast, but your cause too! In Kenya, we partner with Grounds for Health, a group which aims to reduce cervical cancer in remote regions within the coffee-producing country. In Peru, we work alongside Todos Al Agua, a group which combats contaminated water found throughout the region. We work with Coop Reje Gayo in Indonesia, a center that provides education and training on coffee cultivation techniques. They run the range from light to dark roast, and come with various notes to suit your taste. You can choose your favorite cause or your favorite flavor, but every purchase does good in the world!

We know the coffee market is confusing and flooded with many, many brands, but we believe we stand alone in social activism and outreach. Do some research on our website and discover how Pure Origin is making a difference throughout the world every day!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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