What is the impact of Pure Origin Coffee?

Coffee fanatics across the country are falling in love with Pure Origin, a leader in the field of sustainable impact coffee! If you haven’t yet read up on what sets us apart from other coffee brands, you may be wondering what is Pure Origin Coffee’s impact on the world? Read on as we explain how we give back to the planet and to the farmers that help bring us delicious cups of coffee!

What is our impact?

Pure Origin is proud to be a sustainable-impact coffee brand, but what does this mean? Simply put, it means we take care to give back. We are especially careful that our farmers use environmentally friendly farming practices and are compensated fairly. When farmers need classes or workshops to improve their farming techniques, we help fund these endeavors. Pure Origin does this so that your favorite cup of coffee doesn’t come at the expense of the planet or its people!

Additionally, being a sustainable impact brand means that we pay farmers a premium price for every bean. The only way that a coffee company can be truly sustainable is if it compensates farmers fairly. We are nothing without our farmers, so it only makes sense to support them. This is particularly true because many coffee-growing farmers across the world work on family farms or small lots. This makes them especially susceptible to market fluctuations, and a single bad season can ruin their livelihood. We take care of our farmers, and they take care of us. That way, we can keep enjoying delicious coffee together for years to come!

Finally, all of our coffee is single origin, meaning it comes from one farm or sets of farms. This helps us create a consistent, tasty product and keeps us accountable for our business practices across the world. When you know exactly where your coffee comes from, you can seek out desired regional characteristics and flavors. More importantly, you can do your research into the farms we use and make sure we are as ethical as we say we are. Larger companies source from vast swathes of countries, so a bag could contain a blend of dozens of farms. This makes it all but impossible to figure out where your coffee comes from and what the conditions are like there. With Pure Origin, you can trace your coffee from the bag to the tree! This peace of mind helps us stand out in the crowded coffee market.

Why Pure Origin?

Aside from our generally sustainable business practices, Pure Origin also supports several charitable causes! Every sale of our coffee gives back to the coffee’s country of origin in important ways. In the Congo, we work alongside Mighty Peace Coffee, a movement seeking to end mineral conflict throughout the region. Our Indonesian coffee supports Coop Reje Gayo, providing education and training on coffee cultivation techniques. In Kenya, we partner with Grounds for Health, a group attempting to reduce instances of cervical cancer in remote regions within the coffee-producing country.

As you can see, Pure Origin is not content just to use sustainability as a buzzword to boost sales. We modeled our entire company around the principle, so our impact is as positive as it can be. We are proud to be making strides to rejuvenate the planet and the farmers that work the land, and we look forward to making the next step! Buy a cup of Pure Origin coffee today and discover the difference we can make together!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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