Sustainable Colombian Coffee

Are you a huge fan of coffee, but worry about the impact that your favorite brew has on the world? Rest easy, knowing Pure Origin‘s sustainable Colombian coffee has you covered!

Our Colombian coffee is a medium roast with fruity notes and comes from the Huila region of Colombia, where Pure Origin partners with Las Rosas, supporting approximately 300 women as they grow coffee and attend workshops to better themselves and their crops. Additionally, the project helps growers access necessary loans, provides equitable wages for their labor, and gives them technical training in their craft so they can lead their farms in the traditionally male-dominated coffee growing industry. Read on to discover how you can help Pure Origin and Las Rosas make a difference today!

Las Rosas Women’s Group

Since its foundation, the once-modest Las Rosas has bloomed into a group of thriving farms. The group now sets the standard for the farms in the surrounding community. According to their website, one farm in particular began with 1,000 coffee trees in 2010 and now hosts 3,000. All of these trees create the beans that go into your cups of Pure Origin Colombian coffee. Furthermore, the farms are all run by women who are glad to have the opportunity to show what they can do! Even 20 years ago, their husbands and other men were completely dominating the industry. Finally, these women are able to demonstrate their mastery of the craft of coffee growing and production.

Sales help fund workshops that help the growers develop their agricultural practices and improve their own lives. These include how to recognize good seeds, how to establish a seed bed, and optimal harvesting times for the coffee cherry. Additionally, the project instructs the growers in money handling, helps them educate their children, assists them as they seek necessary loans, and provides other emergency services, as necessary.

Why Pure Origin?

Like all of our varieties, Pure Origin’s Colombian coffee is proud to have sustainable impact and includes single origin coffees. This means it comes exclusively from the Huila region of Colombia and is grown by farmers who tend to their crops in a way that is eco-friendly. We compensate them fairly for their hard labor, and they receive a premium price for their product. That way, we can all rest easy knowing that our coffee has not come at the expense of others.

So, if you are seeking a tasty medium roast produced sustainably and equitably, check out Pure Origin‘s Colombian coffee! Try a cup today and see why customers across the world are talking about Pure Origin!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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