How to shop for sustainable coffee

As the coffee industry continues to boom, customers are increasingly concerned about how their favorite hot drink is produced. In a market clogged with so many brands, caffeine enthusiasts now gravitate towards companies that can demonstrate their sustainability. That is why Pure Origin Coffee is proud to be a leader in the sustainable coffee industry! Read on, and let us show you how to shop for sustainable coffee!

How to shop for sustainable coffee

We know that you care about where your coffee comes from, but also wonder about the best way to find ethical brands like Pure Origin. At this time, sustainable coffee is best found online. Sustainable coffee brands are often smaller-scale and lack a nationwide distribution chain. While you may find a good brand here or there in local grocery stores, almost every company encourages internet sales!

Additionally, the internet is beneficial for concerned shoppers because you can truly do research into your coffee. A quick glance at a coffee bag in a crowded supermarket doesn’t always give you enough information. Product packaging can even be misleading, stating that the brand is more sustainable than it actually is. That is one of the reasons why the internet is still the preferable medium for coffee purchasing. You can fully research prospective brands, read blogs, FAQs, and company histories. With such a wealth of information, the only downside is that you may have too many options! Allow Pure Origin to help narrow the search with our six delicious, sustainable coffees!

Why Pure Origin

Each of Pure Origin’s six current coffee varieties is sustainable impact. From our Organic Congolese Fair-Trade-certified dark roast to our premium Kenyan light roast, every cup comes from an eco-friendly source. Additionally, we work hard alongside our growers to provide sustainability training and combat region-specific problems.

Similarly, every cup of our coffee is proudly single-origin, which means it comes from one grower or set of growers. That way, customers can be sure about where their coffee comes from and even how it was produced. Simply put, if you know the origin of your coffee, you can have a greater understanding of not only the flavors associated with a specific region, but also the conditions under which the coffee was grown, harvested and produced. That way, you can keep companies like us accountable for giving back to the environment and our partnered growers across the world.

Lastly, each of our coffees benefits a unique and important charitable cause across the world. For example, our Peruvian coffee benefits Todos Al Agua, a group combatting contaminated water. Our Colombian coffee helps support 300+ women as they grow coffee and attend workshops to better themselves and their crops. In Kenya, we work with Grounds for Health, a group which aims to reduce cervical cancer in remote regions of the world. A portion of every sale goes towards these causes, so you can shop by taste or by whichever story speaks to you!

Do your research on Pure Origin online today by reading up on us. If you feel inspired, order a bag online today and help us make a difference today!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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