What is single-origin coffee?

As the coffee industry continues to grow, new terms frequently pop up, confusing first-time customers and consumers. One of these is “single-origin coffee” a new, socially and ethically conscious trend in coffee production. Pure Origin is a leader in the single-origin coffee market, and we are here to help you understand this up-and-coming field!

What is single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is coffee that is sourced from a single area, generally from one grower or sets of growers. This is different from larger-scale production of coffee for big brands. These larger companies typically source from a variety of locations and regions per each coffee bag. Generally, single-origin coffee comes from cooperatives made up of several small farms. These farms, often times share resources, knowledge, and funds in order to unify their product and reach a larger audience.

However, there are even smaller units of production, which can include single-farm and single-estate coffees. These are coffee products that come from a single farming location or from one individual estate, respectively. The smallest is “micro lot”, which is coffee that comes from one specific plot of land on one specific farm. Companies harvest and process these coffees on a miniature scale.

Why buy single origin?

One of the biggest reasons to buy single-origin coffee is that you can know exactly where your coffee comes from. This can be beneficial for customers who want the exact, unique characteristics of a certain region or grower. However, it also helps customers ensure that the coffee they buy is sustainably and ethically produced. For example, Pure Origin’s Honduran coffee comes from family farms in Intibucá, Honduras. As a consumer, you can research the growing and living conditions to make sure your cup of coffee was sourced from an ethical and environmentally sound farm. You can have peace of mind knowing you have bought not only a great cup of coffee, but one you can trace all the way back to the tree.

Additionally, due to the smaller operation-size of single origin coffee, producers usually have a much closer relationship with the growers. As such, they often compensate them more fairly and care more about their wellbeing than larger operations. Wages are usually more fair, and if there is a problem growers are facing, partnered coffee companies can lend a helping hand to assist. In the case of Pure Origin’s Peruvian coffee, coffee was purchased to benefit the Todos Al Agua Project. They are a group in the Amazonas region of Peru and Colombia, in which combats water contamination throughout the producing region. Alternatively, purchases of the Colombian coffee helps fund the Las Rosas Women’s Group, which provides training and support for women coffee growers in the Huila region of Colombia. Purchasing single-origin coffees, then, usually goes hand-in-hand with supporting charitable causes throughout the world.

Why buy Pure Origin?

We can narrow single-origin coffee down to two main concerns for customers: peace of mind, and social activism. Pure Origin is proud to offer six exclusive varieties, each benefitting a unique and important cause in the respective countries: Congo, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and Colombia.

Each coffee is not only delicious, but also grown and produced in a way that is sustainable and socially responsible. So, if you love coffee as much as we do, but worry about the impact your morning cup may have, look no further than Pure Origin!

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world. 
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