How does Pure Origin support education empowerment?

In a crowded coffee market, it’s essential to be well-trained in sustainable cultivation. But in Indonesia, it’s often difficult to access quality education and the technology that facilitates it. That’s why Pure Origin is proud to work alongside KSU. Item Reje Gayo, a group formed to assist Sumatran coffee farmers. With every sale of our organic Indonesian dark roast, we’re able to support education empowerment – and help over 1,400 local growers.

KSU. Item Reje Gayo

KSU. Item Reje Gayo makes a huge impact on the coffee trade in Indonesia, covering over 1,073 hectares of land. The group teaches its members about cultivation techniques and harvesting methods, but that’s not all they do. They also provide access to production tools, field counseling, visits to educational sights, and more. In doing so, they give the growers the tools they need to be sustainable and take care of their families. The impact of this can’t be understated, as many people in the Indonesian coffee trade have traditionally struggled to earn a living wage in a market dominated by larger farms.

KSU. Item Reje Gayo has made massive strides in recent years, but that doesn’t mean its work is over. With your support, we can help fund financial assistance for the cooperative, as well as crop rehabilitation through fair wages. Additionally, funding will help them continue their efforts to spread the principles of sustainable farming – which makes all the difference for the planet.

The importance of education empowerment

At Pure Origin, we believe that nothing is more important than giving back to the world. Pair that with a great cup of coffee, and that’s a perfect match. By working alongside KSU. Item Reje Gayo, we’ve helped thousands of farmers, but we can’t do it without you.

So next time you’re in the mood for a tasty dark roast, we hope you’ll consider Pure Origin for your much-needed caffeine fix. Together, we’ll continue improving the lives of growers throughout Indonesia – and across the world.

Thank you for empowering growers at origin! With every story read, cup poured, and coffee sipped – you’re connecting with the world.
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