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Congolese Coffee Stories: Mighty Peace

Congolese coffee might not have the most recognizable profile in the industry, but farmers across the country are changing that. The Congo has long suffered from mineral conflicts that have torn the country apart. That is why Pure Origin works alongside Mighty Peace Coffee, a movement which seeks to end the conflict. A portion of […]

Kenyan Coffee Stories: Evah Maina

Evah Maina has made it her life’s work to reach unreachable women in Kenya. As the program coordinator for Grounds for Health in Kenya, she helps provide them with the preventative healthcare they often desperately need. This program provides screening and treatment services for cervical cancer in women who live predominantly in coffee-growing regions. A […]

Indonesian Coffee Stories: Reje Gayo

Meet KSU.Item Reje Gayo “Reje Gayo” is a cooperative group of farmers located in the central Aceh region of Sumatra, Indonesia. These farmers work together to ensure export of great quality coffee beans for equitable wages. A portion of the proceeds from Pure Origin‘s Indonesian coffee goes towards supporting this collective as they seek to […]

How to shop for sustainable coffee

As the coffee industry continues to boom, customers are increasingly concerned about how their favorite hot drink is produced. In a market clogged with so many brands, caffeine enthusiasts now gravitate towards companies that can demonstrate their sustainability. That is why Pure Origin Coffee is proud to be a leader in the sustainable coffee industry! […]