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Best ways to support coffee farmers

In the third wave of coffee, customers are putting higher value on the social responsibility of their favorite caffeine fix. They are increasingly aware of coffee brands which take advantage of their position of power by paying their growers poorly and depleting the environment. At Pure Origin, we believe you should never have to choose […]

Top 6 Pure Origin Stories

Every cup of Pure Origin Coffee makes real-world change and supports various causes throughout the world. Each one of our coffees is an ethical purchase, so feel free to select your next bag based on your favorite roast or whichever cause speaks to you most! Here are our top 6 Pure Origin stories so you […]

What are the three waves of coffee?

In your search for a delicious, sustainable cup of coffee, you may come across references to the three waves of coffee. If you are wondering what these terms mean and what differs between them, read on and let Pure Origin help explain the history of the coffee trade! What are the three waves of coffee? […]

How to support coffee farmers

We are now in the third wave of coffee, and everyone’s favorite hot drink has taken the globe by storm! With an insane amount of choices and customers that are more and more socially conscious, many have begun to ask themselves whether their morning brew is as ethical as they could hope. With environmental worries […]