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Where to support coffee farmers

At Pure Origin, we care about our farmers and growers, and we do our best to support them. Too many companies take advantage of their position of power and shortchange their farmers. We structured our entire brand around sustainability, both for the environment and for the farmers who work so hard to bring us delicious […]

Top 5 ways to empower the grower

If you are a discerning coffee enthusiast, you are aware of the importance of farmers and growers in the industry. Farmers are the lifeblood of the industry, and large coffee companies often don’t do enough to support them. That is why Pure Origin stands apart from the rest: we pay a premium price for every […]

How to select single-origin coffee

With millions of brands and varieties of coffee out there, the single-origin coffee customer has never had more choices when it comes to their morning brew. However, this can also be a confusing prospect. Customers now have to sort through hundreds of blends and coffee regions to determine which coffee is best for them. This […]

What is single-origin coffee?

As the coffee industry continues to grow, new terms frequently pop up, confusing first-time customers and consumers. One of these is “single-origin coffee” a new, socially and ethically conscious trend in coffee production. Pure Origin is a leader in the single-origin coffee market, and we are here to help you understand this up-and-coming field! What […]